Thursday, August 16, 2012

      I thought I should blog, post something, even though I feel like life is a bit boring at the moment, but I'm sure when I start thinking, ideas will come. Well, I will update my life at the very moment, I am now at home from BYU-Idaho, got my associates and now planning on going somewhere else. I was for sure thinking about starting at UVU in the fall, but an unsure feeling started to consume my thoughts and now the idea is going to BYU for the winter semester, starts January. I need to start on my application process soon, next week it is on my to-do-list. Then, this week I started working at Sizzler Restaurant at the counter, where customers first order when entering the restaurant, but after two day's of training I discovered that working in that kind of environment is not something I should try to accomplish yet. Standing for a 6 hour shift was too physically demanding at the moment and the hectic ordering from customers was something I was not up for yet, and so I decided to quit. The decision took some thought, since I don't want to feel like a failure and want to recover as fast as possible from my stroke that re-arranged my life about 3&1/2 years ago, but the pounding headache and the achy body at the end of the day helped make the decision come a bit easier. So anyway, I am at the moment looking into starting work at a call center next week. I know, being on the phones and calling people is awful, but right now, that seems like the best option and especially where I am thinking of working seems very laxed, which is exactly what is needed for me at this time.
      Anyway, here is a pic of my sister Aubrey and I at our cabin this last weekend. It was really nice to get away with my family. Oh and my dad has been working on a new room that he added onto our cabin, makes it seem so much bigger!! We had been all really scared this summer because there has been an outbreak of fires this year, and there was one that had been a threat only a mile away from the cabin premis. Many prayers were said and fortunately the fire extinguished in time, before destroying what has created many memories for almost the last 20 years.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (Audio) ft. Big Sean

Okay, I'll admit I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!! Hahaha here is his newest single "As Long As You Love Me".

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Nights - Fun - Tyler Ward & Alex G - Official Acoustic Music Video ...

I LOVE listening to covers!!!! When I really like a song, sometimes I go on youtube and listen to covers done, because I like hearing people change and do their own versions of songs, especially I love hearing a song made acoustic. This version is BEAUTIFUL, a song I found on Youtube, originally done by the band Fun. called "Some Nights" re-done by Tyler Ward and Alex G.

Friday, July 27, 2012

[SYTYCD S09 Top 16] Eliana Cyrus (Hip-hop)

Maybe, I love dances to this song or maybe, every dance done to this song is absolutely brilliant but either way, this dance just adds to my list of favorite dances. On the show  "So You Think You Can Dance" this week I really loved this piece of choreography, and I haven't really loved the girl in this dance in the past, but WOW! Look at her legs!!!! Her flexibility is incredible!!!! Also, the people that are choreographer's of this dance number are Napoleon and Tabitha and they have been choreographer's for this show many times before. Their genre of choreographing is Hip Hop numbers and their dances are my favs FOR SURE!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being home.

( Nephew Landon, Sister Rachel, Me, Niece Camille)

School at BYU-Idaho officially ended for the semester and so now I am home AND I am home FOREVER NOW! Well, hopefully not forever, but until I find something else to do with my life I am here and not going back to BYU-Idaho. Of course, I loved it there and all but I have been there for awhile now and I need to have change in my life. And, since I haven't been able to handle very many credits because of my stroke, school has been taking me a lot longer. I only got my associates and decided to either finish up, getting my bachelors either at BYU or UVU eventually, after a little break from school. I am going to start working soon to get back in the working world and learn how to be an employer again. Until then, I am just enjoying being free at home!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jason Mraz - "I Won't Give Up" - Cover by TwentyForSeven

Last night I watched the new show "Opening Act" on E! and this band was on there, TwentyForSeven. I really like this cover they did of Jason Mraz's song "I Won't Give Up." I like the punk-rock sound in it, what do you think??

Monday, July 16, 2012

My all time FAVORITE fashonista - Nicole Richie

Okay, I think Nicole Richie's fashion sense is AMAZING and I love and want it! If I could raid any ones closest to find clothes to wear for the day, it would be hers, for sure. I love her boho chic style, so effortless looking while still looking very put together. I know this post is kinda long with so many pics of hers but believe me, it was hard for me to cut down to just these ones so it wouldn't be any longer! So, here are some pics of my favorite outfits of hers..

I know the picture is really small but she has a small braid in her hair, on the top of her head like a headband, it really adds. I need to do more braids because I think braids are so cute!

I didn't really like the idea of a skirt short in the front and long in the back until I saw this dress on Nicole and from then on, I decided I loved it!

This dress is beautiful!

Headscarves are a good way to help your hair look good when trying to cover up what feels like a bad hair day.

Love her dress and so cute with the orange shoes! I love doing this, mix-and-matching when done right, and when done right can really add a pop of different color that you weren't expecting! (but most of the time I think it is done right because how can you go wrong when you were purposely trying to mismatch something!? haha ;)) 

Want her headpiece.

Love her dress.

Beautiful embroidery on the front.

Need more scarves! They can really add to an outfit that can seem a bit on the boring side. This is why I love the cooler months, layering can happen and add that extra oomph! to an outfit.

Love her!